Why choose a Cycling Holiday in France

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Cycling in the French Alps

The Tour de France is without a doubt one of the biggest cycling events worldwide, and France is the perfect place to go for your cycling holiday. Emulate the famous road race by choosing to travel through stunning countryside scenery and experience the wonderful French culture along the way. Whether you pick a long distance route or choose one town and try out a number of circuits around it, France has a lot to offer for cyclists of all abilities.

Where to go

If you're looking for a challenge without too many hills, you can try out the 443 km between Paris and Mont St-Michel, taking in Chartes and Normandy. Or instead, follow the rivers through the Bordeaux vineyards, giving you the all important opportunity to sample some of France's famous wines. The stunning scenery of the Alps also offers opportunities for those who want to test out their thighs on the mountains. These are only a couple of ideas for what you could experience on your trip to France; there are hundreds more routes to explore and adventures to be had. Make sure you factor in a realistic daily mileage though.

Cycling rules in France

Most of the intercity trains (TERs) allow bikes on free of charge, meaning that you could feasibly pick a variety of routes in different parts of the country. It is important to be aware of the highway code for cyclists in France. All bikes must be equipped with functioning brakes as well as front and rear lights, and a bell. Cyclists may also only cycle two abreast, and at night you must cycle in single file.

Aside from these few rules, which are pretty much in line with most countries, France is your oyster when it comes to going on a cycling holiday. When you add in the good food and drink as well as the warmer weather in the summer months, its a no brainer. Renting a villa on the way or to set up camp from is the perfect way to allow yourself to relax at the end of a long day of cycling.

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