Picardie - a proud culture

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Chateau de Chantilly, Oise, Picardie, France

Picardie is a region in northern France along the English Channel. A deeply cultural region of France, it covers a wide range of landscapes from sandy beaches in the north, forests in the east and vineyards in the south where the region borders with Champagne. Just north of the Ile de France region where Paris is situated, Picardie is dotted with a number of beautiful Gothic churches, castles and cathedrals which are unique to the region including the Chantilly Chateau and the Beauvais cathedral.

A historical centre of Europe during both the world wars due to it's location, it was the site of many famous battles including the battle of the Somme. History enthusiasts can take in all of the events of the past at museums and memorials in Thiepval. Anyone who enjoys the natural scenery and the open air can spend days walking around the wetlands at the mouth of the River Somme, or when you get tired of walking, you could always take a ride on the steam railway here that is popular with tourists. If all this is still not enough, then the capital city of the region, Amiens, is not only a charming location in its own right, but also a great base to see all of the sites in the surrounding area. Here, beautiful market gardens divided by small canals offer a perfect way to spend a summer afternoon, and can be toured around by boat. There is also a literature museum for those who wish to escape real life for a short time, or even just shelter from the cold winters. If you grow tired of taking in the history, the beautiful Thierache forests near the border of Belgium are perfect for walking or cycling in, or even just driving to in order to enjoy a summer picnic. The locals here are very proud of their region's cuisine which includes duck pates and leek pies, and also there are lots of locally brewed beers here.

With the cold winters and slightly warm summers, in Picardie you will want a cosy place to relax after a days sightseeing and walking. Rent gites in Picardie for the perfect place to relax. Picardie is very easily accessible from the United Kingdom, and is just over one hour away from Paris by train, so you can enjoy your holiday in a beautiful and deeply historical region of France. The Picardie region is relatively inexpensive being that it is a less obvious tourist attraction, but this in itself makes it more charming, as the place is rarely overcrowded. With plenty of gites to choose from and a whole region to explore, stay in a gite on the outskirts of Amiens, or head south to enjoy walking or cycling in the forests near Thierache.

So stay in a gite in Picardie this year on your family holiday and enjoy a region of France that is immensely proud of their history and culture. Set apart from other regions by the magnificent architecture, Picardie is the perfect place for you.