Limousin - rural France at its best

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Limousin is a small region towards the south of France. A relatively rural area, it is famed for beef farming and also timber production. This beautiful region is full of rolling hills, cliffs and rivers, and also the scenic surroundings, particularly some beautiful French oak orchards, which have such a special flavour that wine producer Remy Martin has exclusive rights to the use of the oak. Perfect for renting a gite or a villa, Limousin is high above sea level, with plenty of opportunities for hiking, trekking or mountain biking. Staying in a gite in the Limousin region will give you the perfect opportunity to sample the famous locally sourced beef and enjoy the unique wines and cognacs that are produced here. 

The capital city of the region, Limoges has the stunning medieval architecture that is common throughout France, and with the beautiful bridges over the river, it really is an idyllic location. There are enough palaces, churches and chateaux in the region to satisfy anyone with a passion for architecture, and the botanical gardens are perfect for an afternoon stroll. The city is famous for it's porcelain production, and the market in the city will delight the more artistic tourists. The region is not too densely populated  because of all the rural areas, and the capital city is not too busy at any time of year. Limousin enjoys hot summers, but has to suffer a long cold winter, and it can have more rain than the surrounding regions. Despite this, it is a good place to visit all year round, particularly for those who enjoy the more challenging hikes. Limousin is a popular region for English and German people to buy holiday homes, which makes it easy to get around and understand.

Holiday rentals in Limousin

Staying in a holiday rental in Limousin is a wonderful way to enjoy this region. The endless orchards, farms, hills and rivers can occupy the keenest nature enthusiasts for days, and in the autumn the woods stand out as a sight not to be missed. In the winter, a holiday gite will offer a warm and comforting base for those hiking enthusiasts who wish to spend their holiday braving the great outdoors. During the summer, rent a villa with a pool as the temperatures can get very high, and if you are visiting with your family, they will all appreciate this great way to cool down. With an ample selection of holiday rentals in Limousin there is sure to be the right place for you here, and with a wide range of options, there will always be something available in your price range. 

So this year, take your family to Limousin for your holiday and take in the rural scenery and the excellent locally sourced foods.Go in the summer to enjoy the weather and the green surroundings, or enjoy the milder autumn and spring when the orchards are at their best. Bring the entire family and stay in a holiday rental for a holiday you will never forget.